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Mother's Day Marketing Tips for Your Business

Mother's Day Marketing Tips for Your Business

In 2015 IBISWorld expects Mother’s Day spending to reach $20.8 billion, a 1.7% increase from 2014 spending. Online spending is expected to make about about 30 to 35% of total sales for this holiday.

This means that whether your business is off or online you need to be making the most of this holiday. Here are a few tips to ensure your business is drawing in as many of those sales as possible!

1. Identify Mom Friendly Products

Shopping for mom can be hard, and a lot of times shoppers are just browsing the internet or through shops to get some ideas. Be helpful and provide your shoppers with a section on your website that highlights some of your best Mother’s Day gift offerings. And if you have a physical store front, place Mother’s Day gifts on display towards the front of the shop to draw people into your store.

Also, consider organize these gifts based on product type, cost, and any other category that might make shopping for Mom easier. Grouping items based on Mom’s interests can also help you appeal to all different kinds of Mom’s easily.

2. Use Social Media

Using a unique hashtag that focuses on Mom can be a great way to draw attention to your brand, and awareness for this holiday. Having a link in your social media profile to your Mother’s Day gifts, or using a Facebook photo album are both great ways to make finding your products and services on social media.

Keep in mind that people love visual content, and this can be a wonderful way for you to really draw in customers through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more!

3. Market Through Email

Do you have an email list? Then use this list to deliver promotions and content directly to your customers inboxes. Remind them that Mother’s Day is coming, and provide them with simple and easy ways to shop your Mother’s Day gifts.

4. Offer a Mother’s Day Deal

Whether in stores or online, deals are sure to bring in some new customers. Offering a percentage off or running a free shipping special can not only bring repeat customers back, but also draw in new customers.

You can then use these discounts as a central focus for your emails and social media blasts, which can ultimately grow your following and give your customers a heads up.

While Mother’s Day Marketing may not seem suited to all businesses, you might be surprised what a nod towards this holiday can do for your business. And remember that Father’s Day is just around the corner and similar tactics can boost your sales then, too!

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