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Office Design Trends to Watch for in 2015

Office Design Trends to Watch for in 2015

As today's companies continue to evolve it only follows that their working spaces would reflect that march toward the future in the form of a sophisticated, modern office. But it goes further than simply creating open floor plans. In the past, office interiors were an afterthought, but now we know they influence productivity and stress levels. 

So if you're shopping for a new office space--or simply looking to spruce yours up--these office design trends might help you do more work with a brighter outlook.

1.Clutter-Free and Minimalist

A clutter-free ideal isn't just for desks anymore. Airy, open spaces with simple, ergonomic design are more relaxing and less distracting for everyone who works in them. Part this trend is also minimalism, which manifests itself in design elements with fewer colors, more straight lines, and greater versatility. "Simple beauty" is the mantra of this trend.

2. Maximizing Mobile

This trend is growing alongside minimalism because our technology is eliminating clutter. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are also letting us work anywhere, whether it's at home, on public transportation, or in conference rooms. We'll also see more electrical outlets and charging ports in convenient places as well as spaces with built in audio-visual components.

3. Natural Touches

Bringing nature inside is also becoming an idea de rigueur in office interior design. One study shows that having a plant on your desk boosts productivity, and it's a doable alternative if your office isn't exactly clutter-free. Many architectural designs for commercial work spaces are also being optimized to allow in as much natural light as possible. Science shows that the sun's rays boost workplace performance, and as a bonus, can cut down your electricity bill. Move your desk closer to the window and watch your productivity soar.

4. Death of the Cubicle

It's still very much present, but the cubicle is in decline. Instead, informal shared spaces will take over and feature modern, colorful furniture that can be easily rearranged for many purposes. These nooks will become the home for close-knit collaboration as well as distraction-free escapes for employees who need to get away from the bustle of the main office area.

5. Comfy Furniture

Desk furniture will have an emphasis on ergonomics, and breakout areas for relaxing or collaboration (like the shared spaces we mentioned earlier) will greet you with plush armchairs and couches with cool, calming colors. Don't be surprised if these types of furnishings also make their way into chief executive offices, too. Working might as well be comfortable, right? If you're shopping for furniture, picking up some items like this can help give your office a focused, yet relaxed atmosphere.

These trends all have an emphasis on making offices inviting, sustainable spaces that foster better communication. Shopping for offices with these features or adding some newer touches to your existing space can help attract the right talent and maximize your time working, ultimately boosting your business in the process.  

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