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Pasadena Office Space


Your Pasadena Office Space & the Rose Bowl, a Synergistic Combination

Imagine this! Your Pasadena office space only 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, surrounded by beautiful rose gardens and extraordinary turn-of-the-century architecture. Sound unbelievable? Not with Pasadena office space. Leasing in our Premier Business Centers’ Class A building will make it happen.

You don’t even need a brick and mortar office in Pasadena. Virtual office space provides you with a prestigious address, answering service and mail forwarding options. Pasadena virtual office space gives you a professional presence in a commercial environment. It will even provide several hours of private office or conference room use.

Pasadena Virtual Office Space is only one of many flexible options

We’ve already mentioned one of our most popular options...Pasadena virtual office space. But let’s say you want a physical office in Pasadena. Office space for rent in an executive suite makes it an excellent way to keep your capital expenses down. In fact, you can save as much as 70% over the cost of setting up a business location when you move into our Pasadena office space.

No need to buy furniture with Pasadena office Space; leasing in our Class A building provides the option of furnished or non-furnished offices. You will also instantly have a telephone number in Pasadena. Office space rentals in our building can have you connected in seconds.

Also, Pasadena office space for rent in our Premiere Business Centers locations is the ideal facility for a start-up company. Everything can be turned on quickly, making you look like a long-time, settled business in Pasadena. Office space rentals will also give you the prestigious look of success that is so beneficial to your business.

Pasadena Office Space can grow as you grow.

Perhaps you want to start out with a budget friendly Pasadena virtual office space, but then a few months down the road, you discover you need an actual office in Pasadena. Office space for rent in our executive suite will be available without having to change your address or telephone number.

Our Pasadena office space rentals are designed for all types of companies in all stages of growth. It is also perfect for a company that has outgrown their facilities in Pasadena. Office space leasing in an executive suite is an excellent answer for temporary quarters while space is being constructed for you elsewhere.

You’ve got it all with Pasadena Office Space:

  • Ideal location
  • Full service Pasadena office space rentals

  • Easy and Quick to move in or out
  • And let’s not forget the prestige of the Rose Bowl, which is a no-cost added feature that comes with every Pasadena office space-leasing contract.

If you are starting a business, expanding or simply need temporary Pasadena office space, contact Premier Business Centers.

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