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Premier Reading Apps

Premier Reading Apps

Sometimes it may seem like you’re so busy running your business, you don’t have time to grow your business. Big mistake. And part of business growth comes from reading as much as you can about your industry in particular and business in general.

That said, what exactly should you be reading?


Business magazines like Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fast Company and Fortune cover general business news and trends. Inc. is packed with information specifically for small and mid-sized businesses. However, don’t limit your magazine reading to business publications. Scanning other magazines, such as People, Time, Bon Appetit or Wired help you identify trends you may not see elsewhere.


As a journalist, I want to tell you to subscribe to your local paper. But you can read it online if you’d rather. Also go online to read the national newspapers, such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal or the New York Times. Reports Industry reports from your industry’s trade association and marketing reports from experts like eMarketer and Hubspot can help when putting together information for a presentation and/or investor.


Do you know what business books top the best-seller lists? You should be somewhat conversant with what the big guys are talking about, so you can hold your own at networking events, meetings or conferences.


Check your competitors’ sites to find out what they’re up to, what kinds of information they offer and how they promote their products and services. This can help you create your own ideas for how to present your website.

Now, are you wondering how you’ll possibly have time to consume all this information during the day while you’re working? Or how you’ll access something important you’ve read, but don’t remember where you saw it? Luckily, there’s a simple way to “store” and find all the information you need.

Utilize Apps to Boost Your Reading

To save an article or blog to read later, download an app like Pocket. Add the app to your phone, tablet and desktop computer (the app will sync all your devices) and you can “slip” the link or document in your Pocket to read later.

And don’t worry that you won’t be near WiFi: You can view the material anywhere offline, even if you’re just waiting in line at the post office.

Evernote is another great tool that saves Web pages or articles you want to view later; it also lets you share with clients or employees.

If you know what topics you want to read about, apps such as Feedly, Flipboard and Curata Reader collect the material you request and display articles, blogs and videos on one magazine-style dashboard. You can choose how often you want to receive the information.


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