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The Pros and Cons of Los Angeles Shared Office Space

The Pros and Cons of Los Angeles Shared Office Space

Shared office space has long been a touchy topic for those who have been forced to work in such environments.

For some, shared office space has been a joyous experience, full of collaboration and networking. But for others, the term “shared office space” leaves a bad taste in their mouths. It has become synonymous with noise, lack of privacy, interruptions, and unproductive tendencies.

And Los Angeles has been no exception to the shared office space trend. Coworking spots have popped up throughout the LA area, and shared office space is not unusual in companies like Factual and Swagbucks.

It is up to each company to determine the best fit for their needs as well as their unique company culture. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you decide the best office space solution for your Los Angeles’ company’s needs:

Shared Office Space Pros

1. Networking

With so many people in one place, it is a great opportunity to connect with new opportunities and create beneficial partnerships with others.

2. Affordability

Sharing office space is often more cost effective and flexible than renting a full time, traditional office space.

3. Collaboration

Whether your team is collaborating, or you have some thoughts to discuss with one of your neighbors, shared office gives you direct access to those people and makes it easier to collaborate on projects and ideas.

4. Community

Shared office space builds a greater sense of community and teamwork than individual offices, one of the main reasons so many large companies use the shared office model. Team bonding is considered to increase in the shared office environment.

Shared Office Space Cons

1. Noise

Keyboards clicking away, laughter, music, chewing, coughing, phone calls, and the list goes on. So many people in one space can mean a lot of noise. And even with headphones, the music you have to play to drown out everything else is almost more distracting.

2. Lack of Privacy

Your time is every one’s time. That means at any moment someone might ask you a question, or have a thought they want to share with you. Regardless of what you are doing. Trying to have a private discussion with a partner or employee? Forget it. You'll either have to move the conversation somewhere else or talk in hushed tones, sure to draw attention.

3. Reduced Productivity

Because of all the noise, constant interruptions, and ever changing location of your “desk” it can be hard create a productive space that allows you to get in the zone and get things done. And sometimes, just finding a spot to actually work may be the problem.

4. Annoying Neighbors

Can’t stand your co-worker? Or the overly aggressive owner of a competitor company? Good luck escaping the gum chewing or the obnoxious comments in a shared environment.

Taking the time to shop office space and find a good solution for your company's specific needs is essential to creating a productive environment for yourself and your employees. Weighting the pros and cons, especially based on your specific business needs, will help you decide where your Los Angeles company should end up.

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