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Reasons to Rent Office Space in Beverly Hills, California

Reasons to Rent Office Space in Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills, now a name synonymous with movie stars and high-end living, once was just a Spanish ranch where lima beans were grown. The city was named after Beverly Farms in Beverly, Massachusetts, a highly unlikely twin.

Now the city is well known for it's 90210 zip code and close proximity to Los Angeles and Hollywood. The city is home to companies such as Live Nation Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. If your company is searching for a prestigious location to rent office space, Beverly Hills just might be the answer.

Here are just a few reasons to consider Beverly Hills for your business location:

Resident Income

The average household income in 2014 was $176,560. This means that 40 percent of families in Beverly Hills have an income over $150,000. Unsurprisingly, $2 million of clothing is sold everyday in the city, and there is 1.7 billion in food and retail sales annually.

These figures make it no surprise that the top 10 wealthiest Angelenos reside in Beverly Hills.

Business Assistance

Beverly Hills has its own Chamber of Commerce, and several networking events in the area to help get your small business growing. The library offers several programs for businesses, and the close proximity to Los Angeles allows for easy access to all sorts of business assistance. Being located in LA County is also another perk of the location.

Top Industries

Top industries in the area include law, finance, entertainment, medical and hospitality. There are nearly 5 million visitors annually and tons of fine dining and retail shopping. There are 14 hotels total in the city, and five 5-star hotels have an occupancy rate of 79%.

When it comes to deciding on your business location, looking at all the available options may pay off. While Los Angeles and Hollywood are both nearby, depending on the type of industry and the assistance you need, Beverly Hills office space may be a better fit for you and your business.

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