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Why You Should Locate Your Executive Suites in San Francisco

Why You Should Locate Your Executive Suites in San Francisco

The cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California, San Francisco is home to a wide range of businesses that vary from very large to very small. If your looking for the perfect location for your business, an executive suite in San Francisco, California is worth looking into.

The City of San Francisco offers a wide range of incentives and resources to assist and grow businesses of all kinds. Here's just a few reasons locating in the City by the Bay might be the right place for your company.

1. Key Industry Sectors

San Francisco recognizes six industry sectors as being particularly important to the long-term success and growth of the city. These sectors include IT & Software, Social & Digital Media, Life Sciences & Biotech, Environmental & Cleantech, Professional Services, and International Business.

2. Education

San Francisco ranks as the number 1 U.S. City in educational attainment density. This provides a unique and highly educated workforce. There are more than 15 colleges, universities, and graduate schools in the city, and 19.5% of residents hold a graduate or professional degree. Overall, there are 7,051 college degrees per square mile.

3. Transportation

San Francisco provides several major transit systems, including the San Francisco International Airport, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), and the Municipal Railway and Bus System (MUNI).

4. Resources

San Francisco offers incentives to several specific industries. The State of California also provides a variety of tax credits and exemptions to qualifying businesses. Other, more general resources for small businesses include a green movement and more.

Need helping finding the perfect executive suite for your San Francisco business? Contact us today and we will gladly assist you in finding everything your office space needs for your business to succeed!

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