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Industries You Might Share Office Space with in San Francisco

Industries You Might Share Office Space with in San Francisco

Starting a business is exciting and can really pay off in the long run if handled correctly. But having an understanding of the types of companies in the city you want to locate your office space in will allow you to tap into the needs residents and businesses might have.

Always do your research and learn about the economy and requirements of any city you might decide to do business in. And look into any small business resources that are readily available as this might prove detrimental to your business.

Here's some more information on top industries in San Francisco:

Financial Services

This industry encompasses a broad range of companies that manage money. This includes credit unions, banks, credit car companies, stock brokerage, investment funds, insurance companies, and many more. This industry hit it off big during the California Bank Rush, which turned San Francisco into the West Coast financial center during the early 20th century.

Bank of America was founded in San Francisco in the 1960's. The city also has a well known Financial District which is home to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Wells Fargo corporate headquarters, and more.


This industry accounts for more than one out of seven jobs in the city. It is a landmark that is recognizable worldwide, and brings in foreign tourists from all over. It attracted more 16.9 million visitors in 2013, injecting $9.4 billion into the economy.

High Technology

Technology has been slowly growing since the 1990's. Fields like high tech, biotechnology, and medical research have all grown in the area. The 1990's brought Internet startup companies, and the late 2000's have brought social media companies into the economy.

These are just a few of the types of companies you might work with or rent shared office space with. These industries are just a starting point for your business ideas to expand upon. If your looking for the perfect San Francisco shared office space, contact us and we can help your business get settled.

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