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How Shared Office Space Can Help or Hurt Your Irvine Business

How Shared Office Space Can Help or Hurt Your Irvine Business

The way we work has been changing for many years now. Ever since the recession that began in late 2007, the United States has worked hard to get back on its feet and recover from the damage done.

We’ve come a long way since then. But we have not come away unchanged.

How we choose to work and where we work has greatly evolved. And this has created the rise of the coworking space, along with an ever increasing desire for businesses to be a part of a greater, local community.

One example has been the increase in shared office space in Irvine, California. This is ultimately no surprise as California is typically a leader in innovation and creativity when it comes to workspace.

But is Irvine Shared Office Space a Long Term Solution?

According to the International Facility Management Association, about 70 percent of U.S. offices have no or low partitions in the workplace. Companies such as Google, Yahoo, eBay, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, and American Express have all been adopters of this open office space model.

These company’s claim several benefits from this layout, including:

  • Increased communication
  • Team collaboration
  • Cost effective
  • Departments are able to merge on projects
  • Mobility
  • Improved productivity

But while these benefits sound great, they may not actually be true.

While this idea of sharing space and enjoying collaboration may seem ideal, especially for creatives looking for new ideas, it can actually decrease productivity and employee happiness.

The Trouble with Shared Office Space in Irvine

A number one complaint from employees who work in an open office space in Irvine, or anywhere else in the world, is noise. Lots of incessant noise can be distracting and keep employees from “getting in the zone” and being productive. And while headphones are useful, they are not always ideal.

Personality type can also have a great deal to do with the effectiveness of the shared office space. For introverts, working in such an open environment can be exhausting. It forces constant social awareness and interaction, which detracts energy that should be focused on projects and other work.

For extroverts, the shared office space may be a dream situation. But it does mean that those individuals spend more of their time socializing and being a part of a team, than actually being productive.

Then Why Do Companies Still Use It?

Simply, because they has never seen team bonding like this before.

Employees are forced to work within close confines day in and day out and collaborate on every single little project. They are also incredibly accessible to anyone. This creates stronger teams and closer connections between colleagues. And ultimately gives the illusion of productivity.

So What is the Solution?

If I told you that you should always lock yourself up in a private office to find your maximum productivity and creative potential, that would be a lie. Companies need teams that come together, brainstorm ideas and tackle projects. The problem with open, shared office space is that there are no other options.

Having private office space within a shared office building can provide you with the same perks of an open office or coworking space, but without the lack of productivity and other issues.

Here are the two key components:

1. Privacy

Sometimes shutting the office door is a necessity in order to be productive and get things done. This includes private meetings and phone calls, or simply just time knocking out intensive research or other work.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration should be elective, not forced.

The perk to having an executive suite within a shared building is that it gives you access to a wide variety of neighbors. These neighbors might be team members of the same company, partners, or other companies that can provide networking and collaboration opportunities.

Weighing the pros and cons of open office space vs. private office space can give you better clarity on your ideal business situation in Irvine, CA. Maximizing productivity and having a healthy team relationship are key to any business.

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