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Shared Work Spaces Are Good For Your Business

Shared Work Spaces Are Good For Your Business

Once upon a time, it seemed like it would be fun to work from home. Think about it. You could wake up when you wanted to and work the hours that fit your schedule. You didn’t have to deal with co-workers and office politics or a boss who micromanages everything. It seemed like working from home would be a win-win for everyone. But then, reality set in. Working from home was not what you thought it would be. But if working from home doesn’t work, what is the solution? It might be a shared work space.

What are Shared Work Spaces?

Shared work spaces are areas in which people who do not work together share a working space. These spaces are usually in specific business communities that rent work spaces to freelancers, consultants, solopreneurs, and other small business owners. And they come with the advantages you'll find below that fix the problems of working at home.


When you work from home, you can suffer from a condition called “freelance lonely.” As the name implies, this is a condition in which you become lonely from spending too much time alone working. We are social animals, and we thrive on human contact. Without this contact, we can suffer from depression and other health-related conditions, and our work suffers. We are not as productive because we don’t have the input that we all need from others and the community. Shared work spaces combat “freelance lonely” because you are coming into contact with other people. This contact is different from the contact that you would get at your local coffee shop because you will have regular contact with the same people. In addition, you have your own private space in which to work.


Quite often, freelancers are people in creative fields or in fields in which it is not necessary to work one-on-one with other people all the time. The problem is that we can’t work in isolation. We need input from others and from our environment to feed our ideas. Without this input, we stare at the computer screen or gaze out of the window until inspiration strikes. Sadly, inspiration rarely strikes in isolation. For this reason, shared workspaces are a must to spur the creative muse that is required for ideas to form.

Better Bang for Your Buck

Shared work spaces are also good for the bottom line. When you work from home, you need to purchase a printer. If you chose to lease space, you have to deal with a lease as well as renting or purchasing office equipment or furniture. With shared work spaces, you don’t have to worry about a lease or renting office equipment. This is all taken care of. You simply pay a monthly fee, and you have access to Internet, office furniture, and office equipment.


Shared work spaces also help with collaboration and networking. When you share a space with others, you more than likely will talk to other people. At first, you may just talk about what you each are working on, and eventually, you may start to discuss personal matters. With each conversation, a level of trust is established, and work space colleagues may recommend you to clients who need your services. Or...you may begin a collaboration on a project that, in turn, increases business.

Rest and Relaxation

When you work from home, you are always on. There is no separation. You can work as late as you want and as often as you want. And even if you do not put in the time, work is always on your mind because, after all, it is always staring you in the face. Shared work spaces allow you to leave your work at the office. You still decide when to go into work and when to leave, but the beauty of a shared work space is that when you leave for the day, you can mentally leave your work at the office.


Sharing an office space can allow yout the flexibility of working from home with all the amenities of an office. If you want to give shared work spaces a try, contact us at  Premier Business Centers. We are located in California, Florida, Ohio, Texas, and Washington.

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