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Having trouble putting in your usual 15-hour days? Is the nice weather constantly tempting you to close down early and meet your family at the beach or park? Are you cancelling meetings so you can jump on your bike for a long ride?

You might be experiencing a case of Summeritis and just because “back to school” is in the air, that doesn’t mean your biological clock is ready to get back to work.

If you’re having trouble staying in full work mode, there are ways to take advantage of the remaining days of summer so you can still say you had a productive summer and feel accomplished.

Here are some tips to finish your summer strong:

1. Strategize

During the summer, you may find current clients aren’t as available to meet with as much as during other seasons of the year. Use this time to strategize about some new ways you can connect with clients, welcome new clients, reconnect with former clients and reward your referral resources.

2. Avoid Unwanted Commitment

Try not to commit to big projects during the summer if you know you’re not going to be want to finish them and you’ll just end up feeling guilty—or worse, not completing the project. It’s better to say no upfront if there’s a chance you won’t be able to complete a project.

3. Make a To-Do List

Make a list of what you want to accomplish each week and keep the list fairly short. Do something you’ve been putting off at least once a week so you can check it off your list.

4. Hire Extra Help

Check into hiring local talent or find out about your local college (or high school) internship programs. The holidays are right around the corner, after all—which means you may need more help and students will be looking for work during their breaks.

5. Volunteer

If you need to get out of the office, use the remaining weeks of summer to volunteer in your community. Visit your city’s event planning department to see where your business skills fit in or talk to local organizations and schools to find out how you can help with fundraising.

6. Take a Break

Give yourself a break and take a few days off for a vacation to reinvigorate your brain. Take yourself out of your regular environment and experience something new. You never know when (and where) a new business idea will pop up.

Whether you decide to power through your summeritis or take the break you probably need and deserve, make good use of your summer and you won't regret it!


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