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Taking Time Off Increases Productivity

Taking Time Off Increases Productivity

Last year, small business owners were happy to skip vacations because that meant more business was coming in and taking time off had to be put on hold. But with the economy showing steady recovery, small business owners might be able to finally take a little time away from the office this summer.

Whether or not you completely unplug depends on the state of your business and how comfortable you feel doing so. According to a survey by Prosper Mobile Insights, 78.8 percent of mobile users who go on vacation say they take a smartphone or tablet with them and use it all the time. Being plugged in might even make you feel more relaxed, since you know that if anything crucial happens you are connected.

Still, it’s important to get out and away from your business. Here’s why:

Stress is Physical

Chronic stress can affect your body's ability to resist infection, maintain vital functions, and avoid injury. When you're tired and overworked, you can get sick; have trouble sleeping; or become irritable, depressed and anxious. Stress also affects your memory and your ability to make good decisions. Getting away for a little bit can be a healthy way to reduce the wear and tear your placing on your body.

You Need Time For Family

No matter how supportive your family is, when you spend so much time away from home at your business, they build a life separate from yours and that’s not a good thing. Vacations are time together when you can get caught up with one another.

Employees Want You to Leave, Too!

Give someone else a chance to shine in your business by going on vacation. When you put others in charge, they grow with the responsibility and feel a sense of ownership and pride in their jobs. In a worst-case scenario, you could also find a rotten apple you need to get rid of as soon as possible.

You Increase Productivity

Every entrepreneur experiences burnout once in a while, and a vacation is the perfect remedy (or prevention). Studies have shown over and over that breaks, no matter how short, can increase productivity in workers (and their bosses)—and that’s good for your business.

Think about the daily grind and how you usually spend your day putting out fires. What happens to long-range plans and innovative ideas? Who has the time? When you step away from the fires, see some new scenery and take in new experiences, the creative juices can start flowing again and you’ll be refreshed and ready to put your ideas in action when you return.

It might surprise you how many benefits you'll gain from taking even a short vacation. It can improve your work life and your home life exponentially. Even a sole proprietor deserves some vacation time! And it really isn't as impossible as it sounds.


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