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Tech Tools to Help Your Business Go Mobile

Tech Tools to Help Your Business Go Mobile

Not only is mobile hot for consumers right now, more and more of them expect the businesses they patronize to be mobile. Here are the tools you need to do business anytime,anywhere.

1. Smartphones:

The important thing to remember about smartphones is to choose the same phone for your whole team. You don’t want to deal with compatibility issues. Whether you go with iPhones, Androids or Windows Phones is mostly a personal preference. Some smartphones are better for emailing, while others excel at searching the Web. Do you like to download apps? Make sure your phones can handle multiple apps. Ask other entrepreneurs what they use and make sure you get a data plan that covers everyone.

2. Tablet computers:

Sometimes taking your laptop on the road is cumbersome and unnecessary. Tablets weight less and are great for making presentations, filling out forms and more. Plus, more and more small business are arming employees with tablets to answer customers' questions about product information. If you don’t like typing on a touchscreen, invest in a keyboard to go along with your tablet. Also, check out the new convertibles, which are laptops with detachable (or foldable) screens so they can transform into tablets.

3. Cloud technology:

Storing your data in the cloud makes sense from both the efficiency and security points of view. What would happen if you lost the data on your computer? Storing your files in the cloud ensures you can still access your information no matter what the circumstances. Cloud storage is free if your needs are small and you can always add more when yourequire more storage. Check out Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox and Basecamp to start with.

4. Mobile apps:

Are you using mobile marketing to entice customers to check out your business and website? A Kentico digital survey shows 85 percent of smartphone users use their mobile phones to get information about companies and prices before making a purchase. Companies like Qwikon and Mogreet Express can help you reach your consumers on their phones with mobile ads and text messages offering specials and announcing events. It’s important to know 75 percent of mobile shoppers say the look and feel of a company’s mobile site could make the difference in whether or not they buy from that company.

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