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Temporary Office Space: The Solution for Your Irvine Small Business

Temporary Office Space: The Solution for Your Irvine Small Business

When it comes to your small, Irvine business, sometimes it can feel intimidating to lock yourself into a lengthy office lease. Not only is it a huge commitment, but your business may not even require full time use of an office space right away.

Before getting stuck in a long-term relationship with your Irvine office space provider, consider some two alternatives to the traditional full-time office space.

Virtual Office Space

Don't need to physically be sitting in your office space? Virtual office space may be the solution for you. This option allows you to have a prestigious, physical address, without actually having to pay the physical office space prices.

This option is perfect for a home-based company that has a desire to build it's credibility with a professional presence, but whose employers prefer working from home for the time being.

Perks of an Irvine virtual office space include:

  • Prestigious mailing address
  • Legitimate business presence
  • Mail handling
  • Phone service

You can even find plans for virtual offices that give you access to meeting rooms or office space as needed.

Temporary Office Space

Instead of opting into a strict lease, consider a flexible office space rental that your business can use as needed. This gives you the space you need, for the time you need it. Whether you need meeting rooms or coworking space, this is a great option for a small, flexible business just looking to get its toes wet in the world of office space.

Irvine is the perfect location for your temporary office space in. It offers a variety of valuable small business assistance, and is considered one of the safest and cleanest cities in the United States. This along with the wide variety of office space available makes it an ideal spot to start growing your business.

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