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Three Reasons to Locate Your Business in Dallas

Three Reasons to Locate Your Business in Dallas

Choosing what office space you'll work in every day is tough, but choosing what city that office will be in is even harder. If you're itching to move your business or start a new one, Dallas could be just the place you're looking for. The healthy local economy combined with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit in this old Texas city is a winning combination for any business-and the low cost of living doesn't hurt either.

If that doesn't convince you to send your business to the South, these three reasons might.

1. Low cost of doing business

According to the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Texas' state and local taxes are more pro-business, and are less than taxes in other states. It's also cheaper to hire labor and pay the rent for office space for rent in Dallas.

2. Educated workforce

Even if you're a one person show, you still might need to hire some help in the future. With four major, four-year universities in the Dallas area, seven community college districts, and a 33.4 percent college attainment you're bound to find the candidate with the knowledge you need.

 3. Resources for small businesses

In addition to the Dallas Regional Chamber, which offers volunteer opportunities, networking events, and the latest information on economic development, the local SCORE chapter offers free workshops, events, and mentoring for small business owners. The Dallas Entrepreneur Center also supports the local startup community with mentorship and networking events.

If you feel like you're being called to Big D you can certain of a few things: you'll spend less to keep your business going, find workforce-ready employees, and plenty of support for your company along the way. Companies like 7-Eleven, Neiman Marcus, and Michael's have discovered this and have located their corporate headquarters in Dallas. There's no reason you're company couldn't be next.

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