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Tools To Improve Your Customer Service

Tools To Improve Your Customer Service

You don’t need a huge team of employees to provide great customer service these days. In fact, you don’t need any employees at all. These four online tools simplify service even when there’s only one of you.

For an interior designer, consultant, accountant or other small business owner who visits clients at their location, allowing customers to schedule appointments online saves time and hassles. Eliminate phone tag or email back-and-forth with clients by using one of these services, which also work on mobile devices.

Tools for Scheduling Meetings

1. BookFresh

Is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is install a widget on your website, Facebook Page, Twitter account or WordPress blog and you’re ready to start scheduling. BookFresh will even set up a website for you if you don’t have one—at no charge. BookFresh syncs with common online calendars such as Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal and sends you reminders about scheduled appointments so you don’t miss a thing.

Cost: starts at $19.95/month

2. Genbook

In addition to scheduling appointments, Genbook enables you to promote your business on social media, publish customer reviews of your business and increase your company’s search engine rank. You can also offer promotions so you have fewer unbooked time slots.

Cost: starts at $20/month

Tools for Website Chats

Do you have an eCommerce site, or do customers frequently visit your website to learn more about your services? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to “reach in” and help customers who are debating whether to make a purchase or who have questions about what you offer? Live chat solutions can help, and these two are great for small businesses.

3. WebsiteAlive

Installs on your website, Facebook Page or blog, so it can work for any type of business—not just eCommerce. The solution enables chat using any type of browser or mobile device. If you have employees, you can hand off chats to them. If you don’t, you can chat with up to 20 different customers at a time.

Cost: starts at $29.95/month

4. Velaro

Is designed for ecommerce websites, with a variety of tools. For example, you can start a chat based on what pages a customer is looking at or what they put in their carts. If they’re viewing Help pages, you can ask if they need help; if they’re putting a certain product in their carts, you can mention a special on complementary products.

Cost: starts at $29.95/month

No matter what your specific business needs are, you can typically find a tool that will assist you in those areas to ensure that you are providing and improving your customer service.


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