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Torrance: The City With a Hometown Feel

Torrance: The City With a Hometown Feel

Located halfway between the city of Los Angeles and Orange County, Torrance is an ideal city for locating your Los Angeles-area office space without having to be located in a busy, crowded downtown with terrible traffic.

With the Pacific Ocean just to the west, Torrance is the eighth largest city in Los Angeles County and has an ethnically diverse and safe community. Historic Old Torrance, known as the Olmsted District, attracts a lot of visitors and has a number of residents dedicated to documenting and preserving its historic buildings.

Because of its transportation-friendly location, Torrance has thrived as an optimum place for businesses to locate,which was the original founders’ intent when the city was established back in 1921.

Other aspects of Torrance you may want to know include:


Torrance is close to several major freeways, (the 405, 105 and 110) and only a few miles from Los Angeles International Airport. The city is within easy commuting distance from many neighborhoods, which helps attract employees. The central location also makes it ideal if your business needs to transport goods or people.

Plus, plenty of free parking in the city makes it consumer-friendly for shops and restaurants.

Business Climate

  •  Torrance maintains low business taxes and has several business-friendly programs such as Business Watch, which helps to keep businesses safe from crime. The Business Watch program helps businesses find equipment for video surveillance, offers security inspections of your business and can provide personal safety presentations for your employees.
  • In addition, the annual Torrance Advantage Awards celebrate local businesses that have achieved business excellence in several categories.
  • The Torrance Chamber of Commerce holds regular seminars and networking opportunities for members. It also helps coordinates larger regional events that help business owners meet colleagues and market their companies, such as The Gourmet Food and Wine Festival, Business Expo and Women in Business.

Disaster Preparedness

Because Torrance is in earthquake-prone California, the city has a well-organized emergency preparedness program to help businesses be ready for emergencies.

Community Events

Torrance has many community-building events that your business can get involved in or sponsor, including events for children, habitat restoration and recreational and sports activities.

In addition, the Historical Society holds events and is always looking for volunteers. There is a Farmer’s Market every Saturday in Wilson Park, and in the summer months, three community parks hold movies after dark.

If your looking for an alternative business location to some of the busier cities in California, Torrance may just be the city to rent your office space in.


Photo Credit: "Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge (Torrance)" by Los Angeles - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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