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How to Vacation as a Small Business Owner

How to Vacation as a Small Business Owner

Whether you’re taking a vacation as a sole proprietor or as the CEO of a company with several team members, getting away is tough. You might wonder if you’ll be able to relax knowing that work will have to get done or emergencies will have to be handled without you.

But it is possible to escape the office for a few precious days to wander down white beaches or climb up snowy mountains. Follow these tips to keep the office running smoothly in your absence and still enjoy the moments of your vacation.

Choose the Right Time

Every business has periods where the work is nonstop and times when not much is going on. It’s obvious to pick the less busy time to leave. But you can also pick a time in the life of your individual business where everything is holding steady and you’re not in the middle of a hectic growth spurt, or when you don’t have new clients you’re getting to know.

Getting the timing right can make your getaway focus on fun and relaxation instead of on the goings-on of your office.

Appoint Your Substitute

Someone needs to be put in charge while you’re gone so that responsibilities are kept and that work keeps moving forward. If you’ve hired people you trust to do their part, whoever you choose won’t really have to do much outside of their normal duties.

But your appointed stand-in will have to deal with any problems that come up and be the one to decide whether an issue warrants calling you. And that brings us to...

Prepare for Emergencies

Even if you’re out of the office at the perfect time and have an incredibly competent person to handle whatever’s thrown at your team, sometimes circumstances conspire against you. A major mistake happens, a large client announces that they’re going to another provider, or a key staff member quits, and only you can decide what happens next.

Make it clear with the temporary person in charge what is worth calling you about and what can wait until you get back. While you’re not supposed to work on the beach, make sure all important documents are on the cloud and that your hotel has wifi just in case you need to jump in and fix an issue.

Communicate Expectations

One of the last things to do is to let everyone in your office know what’s happening and how they should proceed while you’re away. Tell them who will run things in the meantime and any other special instructions for projects or meetings that you won’t be around to help with.

Finally, set up your out-of-office email message and you’ll be ready to pack your bags and head out of town.

With the right planning in place, it’s completely possible to take a vacation as a small business owner. Not only will you get a chance to clear your mind and reconnect with family or friends, you’ll practice delegating and trusting your team so that when the trip is over you’ll be rejuvenated and ready to go back to work with renewed energy.

About the Author - Jeff Reinstein is the CEO of Premier Business Centers, a company that provides flexible office space solutions for growing and changing businesses throughout the United States. He has assisted in growing the business from 9 locations to over 70.

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