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12 Ways to Generate Content for Your Blog

12 Ways to Generate Content for Your Blog

If you’ve got a business blog, you know how hard it can be to come up with new content on a regular basis. Here are a dozen ideas for generating content when you just don’t feel inspired:

1. Keep an Ideal Notebook

This can be on paper or digital. You never know when ideas for a blog post will come to you, so make sure you can easily jot them down or record them whenever they arise—whether that’s in the car, as you’re dozing off at night or when you’re working out.

2. Build Off Another Blogger’s Post

Commenting on a controversial post in your industry is a great way to get attention for your blog. Do you agree or disagree and why? Link back to the original post and ask readers to chime in with their thoughts.

3. “Best Of” Posts

Gather your favorite posts from the past year, write summaries of them and link to all of them. This is a great year-end tactic to get you through a busy season, or a writer's block.

4. “Most Popular” Posts

Another year-end tactic is to gather the most popular posts with readers, write summaries and link to all of them. (If you post often during the month, you could do this monthly or quarterly.) Or consider during a Throwback Thursday with some of your most popular posts.

5. Give ‘Em What They Want

If you find that posts on a certain subject regularly get lots of hits, write more about that topic. Break it down into smaller pieces to get more mileage from it.

6. Think Visually.

Photos are popular on social media because people are often too busy to read. Try a photo-based post from time to time. For instance, if you go to a conference, take lots of photos and caption them with something relevant. If you tour a customer’s facility, ask if he or she will let you take pictures.

7. Tie It To the Calendar.

It’s tried and true but posts tied to holidays tend to get attention. Avoid religious holidays, but things like April Fools’ Day, Independence Day, St. Patrick's, or other national holidays can inspire new ideas.

8. Be Contrary

Do you hold an opinion that’s unusual in your industry? Create a contrarian post around it. For instance, if you’re an accountant who loves it when clients bring you shoeboxes full of unorganized receipts, a post on why is going to get clicks because people will be curious.

8. Go To Extremes

The best, the worst; the dumbest, the smartest; the cheapest, the most expensive…extremes get attention Create a post based on extremes, whether it’s the dumbest moves not to make, or the smartest thing readers can possibly do.

10. Make It Newsy

Create a post around the popular news of the day, whether it’s a weather disaster (tornados, hurricanes, floods, etc.), a major data hack, or Miley Cyrus’s latest crazy outfit.

11. Get Guest Bloggers

Recruit a roster of guest bloggers who are willing to write for free in exchange for links to their websites. Owners of complementary but non-competing businesses may be willing to do this. You’ll generate new content with a different perspective, killing two birds with one stone.

12. Repurpose Content You’ve Used Elsewhere

Do you create white papers, slide shows or ebooks? Do you give speeches? Break down that content into shorter blog posts.

With these ideas you can be sure to stay on top of your blogging, even when things get busy or your writer's block strikes.


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