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Westwood Office Space

Westwood Office Space

What is Westwood?

Westwood is a neighborhood in the northern central portion of the westside region of Los Angeles in California. It is a commercial and residential neighborhood that reaches about 3.68 square miles.

The community offers many attractions, from the historic theatres in Westwood Village to the Hammer Museum. But the most interesting characteristic about this neighborhood is that it’s poppin’ with youngsters. Westwood is known for being the home of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Who is in Westwood?

Westwood has a population of about 52 thousand with 62.9% of the residents being white. One of the most unique statistics of Westwood is it’s exceptionally high percentage of residents between the ages of 19-34, 51.5%. There are 6.6% more women than there are men. Also, most families are considered rather small, usually with 2-3 members.

How Should I Do Business In Westwood?

Since Westwood is a community filled with college students and younger generations, businesses that appeal to that audience will thrive in this neighborhood. The most common industries around are:

  • Education
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services
  • Healthcare and social assistance
  • Retail

Some of the not-so-common industries in the area are:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Management of companies
  • Utilities
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation

The close proximity to Los Angeles makes Westwood an ideal location in West LA. Many celebrities maintain an address on well known Wilshire Boulevard, and the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery is the final resting place of many Hollywood stars.

With a prestigious office space in Westwood, your business is sure to be among good company. Help launch your business into stupendous growth with the right space.

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