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What Kind of Small Business Should you Start in Honolulu, Hawaii?

What Kind of Small Business Should you Start in Honolulu, Hawaii?

Looking out over the bright blue ocean or the lush green mountain tops in Honolulu, Hawaii it’s easy to get inspired to do something huge--like successfully own your own business. If your entrepreneurial spirit is stirred by The Aloha State’s unreal beauty and you’re ready to start shopping for office space, you’ll want to take a moment and think about what type of business will excel most. That way you’ll achieve your start-up dreams in a place most people only dream about.

Hawaii’s top export industries in terms of expenditures include visitors, defense, as well as crops like raw sugar, molasses and pineapple. Biotechnology, digital media, and creative industries are emerging industries. While you can start a business directly in one of these areas, establishing a company that supports these industries in some way can also work out well. A few examples of this strategy can get your brainstorming started.


Tourists on vacation and workers in downtown alike need to get around, and your business could help. Whether you contract with hotels to provide shuttles to and from the airport, or simply drive a pushcart around town on weekends, transportation is a problem that everyone needs a solution to.


From the locals that live there, to the vacationers that visit, to the soldiers living on the military bases, everyone wants services that they don’t normally think about. Unique restaurants and bars, coffee shops, bakeries, dry cleaning, and hospitality all cater to these segments of the population and could make your business take off.


A universal truth in American culture is that people love shopping, and that’s true in Hawaii as much as in any other state. A trendy clothing boutique, quirky souvenir shop, or other specialty store are just a few ideas you could run with. Strategic placement combined with purposeful marketing are a couple ways you could become the next iconic local store owner.

Opening a business in Honolulu is an exciting idea that can bring you entrepreneurial success with the right planning. Carefully choosing what kind of business to open is part of that process, and the options aren’t limited to the ones above. As long as you pay attention to what the local economy needs you’re much more likely to become the independent business owner you’ve always wanted to be in the Aloha State.  

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