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What Can I Outsource for My Small Business?

What Can I Outsource for My Small Business?

Launching a business is not easy and startup entrepreneurs can use all the help they can get. However, the reality is most startups don’t may have the resources to hire full-time workers. Luckily, there are a variety of small business challenges you can overcome by outsourcing tasks, enabling you to concentrate on the critical jobs of strategizing, selling and marketing.

Here are some job functions you can easily outsource—and where to find the help:

1. Tech Issues

You usually only need a tech expert when something goes wrong with your computers or your website. When it comes to the little stuff, like posting to your website or updating software, you can probably handle it yourself. But when tech gets more complex, it makes sense to outsource to an expert you trust.

Where to look: Ask a friend or other business owner who they use; check review sites such as Yelp for tech consultants in your area.

2. Finance and Accounting

Invoicing may be easy to keep a handle on when you have just a few employees or freelancers. However, when it comes to business taxes, you really want a professional handling your company’s money—preferably one in who has experience in your industry. And there are so many payroll taxes to keep track of, it makes sense to outsource payroll as soon as you can afford it (there are many inexpensive payroll solutions). When you grow, you can hand over invoicing as well.

Where to look: Start with the American Institute of CPAs’ online directory or check with your city’s business development office for a referral. Check this list of best payroll services for small businesses.

3. Human Resources

Outsourcing HR doesn’t mean you’re passing the buck of hiring and firing on to someone outside the company. Yes, you can do that, but most small businesses use an outside HR company to take care of things like drug screening, background checks, benefits and legal issues.

Where to look: Many payroll companies also offer employee management services including benefits, retirement and attendance.

4. Sales

If you can’t afford to hire a dedicated salesperson and pay them salary and bonuses, think about offering a job on a commission-only basis.

Where to look: Check online job sites like Glassdoor.com or Monster.com or a sales representative matchmaking site like Rephunter.net.

5. Attorney

Don’t wait until a problem comes along to search for a good attorney. Have one involved in your business from the beginning and keep your attorney informed about what’s going on, so when you need the attorney’s help, he or she will be up to speed on your business.

Where to look: The local chamber of commerce, professional association or bar associations are good starting points, as are RocketLawyer or LegalZoom. Or check out a few of the pre-paid legal services like LegalShield.

You also might want to search through the freelance marketplaces, such as Elance, oDesk or Guru.com to help you find that extra help you need. Outsourcing can help your business grow by relieving some of the necessary work, without the added financial burden of a full time employee.


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