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What's Your Customer Focus?

What's Your Customer Focus?

Even longstanding, successful companies like McDonald’s can lose customer focus from time to time. Customer focus is not just engaging with clients and it’s not only giving customers a great experience. Customer focus is the art of attending to your customer’s needs. With one study showing 92 percent of companies reported a decline in customer satisfaction, customer needs are obviously not being met.

Here are some of the needs your clients and customers may be looking to your business to fulfill:

Emotional Need

Companies can fulfill emotional needs. Whether clients need to feel good about their purchases (i.e., your products are environmentally friendly or a portion of the sale goes to charity), or they need your business to help them feel good about themselves (i.e., you offer online fitness tips or health advice), figure out what emotional needs your business can fill and address them in your marketing.

Need for Speed

Is your business one where clients are in a hurry, turn to you for solutions or repairs, or call you in emergencies? If so, you must be able to react quickly and efficiently. For example, IT specialists may need to be on call to respond to the panicked pleas of clients in need. An ecommerce site should offer overnight shipping, live chat or a toll-free number where clients can reach you right away.

Need for Simplicity

If your business is too complicated to understand or your website is too hard to navigate, most people will give up and move on to another business. Have a clearly defined mission statement, a simple process for doing business with you, easy-to-read invoices…you get the idea.

Need for a Partner

The best strategy for building long-term relationships is to become the “go-to” partner your client turns to when a need arises. You can be a trusted partner helping them attract their own customers (if you’re B2B) or finding a solution to a personal issue (if you’re B2C). Partnering builds loyalty, since consumers prefer not having to research new companies if they’ve already found a company that understands and meets their needs.

Need for Flexibility

Whatever issues your clients are facing, you want to their go-to solution provider, right? Then you might need to be flexible once in a while to gain their loyalty. Whether the flexibility takes the form of payment options, delivery options or work hours, be open to customer requests.

Fulfilling your customers needs not only benefits the group of consumers or businesses that you're serving. This focus also sets you apart from the competitors in your industry as one who not only cares, but is savvy to the underlying desires of its clients.


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