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What's Your Personality Defect?

What's Your Personality Defect?

What’s the biggest flaw in your personality? This isn’t a job interview, so don’t say something like “I’m too organized” or “I’m too nice.” Now that you’re heading your own business, you may inadvertently become the boss or vendor you’ve always hated.

Do your clients avoid meeting with you in person or have they inexplicably left you for a competitor, even if you did an awesome job? Are you rude and don’t know it?

Small business owners are so busy worrying about growing their businesses, self-assessment is most likely filed away under “Think about later.” But you’re passionate about your business and it shows, you say. The truth is that being passionate is not enough.

Here are some personality traits most entrepreneurs have and where they can get you in trouble:


As a one-person business, you can be your own worst enemy when it comes to introducing change. Processes and technology that may have worked in the beginning stages of your business may not work now that you’re growing and adding clients. Learn to let go of some rules you set for yourself (or for any employees or contractors you’ve hired) and listen to suggestions on how changes and implementation of new technology and processes could be beneficial.


It’s hard to admit you don’t excel in all areas of running a business. Maybe you’re not a money person or you struggle with marketing. Make a list of what you are good and where you could use some help and make a plan to fix things. Either hire someone who can help or take a class to improve your skills. Sometimes it helps to break down your work by project. If you can figure out where you went wrong, you can narrow down the skills you need to improve.


There’s nothing wrong with having confidence in your work, until confidence turns to pompousness and overbearing. Most likely clients won’t tell you this to your face but they may stop returning your calls. Be sure and read your business’s online reviews and ask a friend if they think you’re getting too big for your britches.

Sybil Syndrome

As a business owner you probably have multiple personalities all fighting to get out. One the one side you might be conservative with your finances and too timid to try a new vendor; on the other side you may be ready to take a risk on a new marketing campaign. It’s impossible to marry your creative side with your cautious side 100 percent of the time.

Take the time to go to networking meetings and join CEO groups so you have peers to bounce ideas off of and get opinions. That way, you can make peace with all aspects of your personality.

Self evaluation is an often overlooked, but important factor when growing your business. Don't let your personality scare off potential clients or long time customers, instead take the time to reflect on the messages you may not realize you are sending to the others around you.


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