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Woodland Hills Commercial Office Space


Atypical Woodland Hills Commercial Office Space Can Put You in the Middle of a Strong California Business Atmosphere

The demand for Woodland Hills commercial office space started in the 1980's. It was during this time that Harry Warner, Warner Brothers Pictures, sold off 1,100 acres in Woodland Hills. Office space rentals were just part of the business mix that moved in. Eventually a commercial center called Warner Center was developed by a number of large corporations within Woodland Hills. Executive office spaces in and around this center quickly became prime locations.

Warner Center remains the core of the business district in Woodland Hills. Office space for rent can be found close to the Center’s hotels and shopping malls. Particularly appealing to businesses looking for Woodland Hills commercial office space are atypical commercial rentals in our prestige building.

Relocating in Woodland Hills? Commercial office space alternatives in our building provide many benefits.

More and more companies are moving to Woodland Hills. Office space leasing demands keep growing. Here are just a few of the reasons why Woodland Hills office space for rent is growing in popularity.

  • Strong financial establishment
  • Upscale residential base
  • Outstanding retail & restaurant facilities
  • Great recreational opportunities
  • Plus many other advantages that keep attracting businesses to Woodland Hills executive office spaces.

Actually, with Premier Business Centers’ flexible programs, you don’t even have to maintain a physical office in Woodland Hills. Virtual office space is available for businesses that simply need an address where communications can be sent. With a Woodland Hills virtual office, you can have your mail, faxes, calls and other communications received and forwarded to you.

Here are more flexible options that make our atypical Woodland Hills commercial office space rentals easy to lease.

Do you need temporary expansion room in Woodland Hills? Office space rentals can be arranged for a week, month or whatever length of time you require. Perhaps you need a long-term address in Woodland Hills. Office space leasing arrangements can be made in our prestigious building easily and economically.

And with all our Woodland Hills office space for rent you get access to:

  • Office equipment such as faxes and copiers
  • Secretarial services
  • Administrative assistants
  • Furnished or unfurnished offices
  • And that’s just a short list of services that make our  Woodland Hills executive office space and other types of office rentals such a great value.

If you are thinking of a making a move to Woodland Hills, executive office space rentals in our Class ‘A’ building needs to be your first consideration.

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