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Get Your Business on Shopping Sites

Get Your Business on Shopping Sites

You might have a stellar business idea, but no one is going to come banging on the doors of your office looking to hire you if you don’t have a thorough marketing plan, covering, among other items, how to spread the word about your business. Online content, social media and getting involved in your community are crucial to making your business a success. Another way to get marketing juice for your business is to get listed on top shopping sites. Thought that was just for the big guys? Not if you know where to start. Here are some top shopping sites and how to get your business listed:

Google Shopping:

When a customer searches for something on Google, Google Shopping is one of the top-ranking listings that pops up. In fact, Google Shopping has the highest traffic for online shopping. With the option for customers to find the item online or in a nearby store, the conversion rate is well worth the cost per click program. Google Shopping is created through paid Google Product Listing Ads. Make sure you understand the Google data feed requirements before signing up.


If you run a service business, you can still be listed on “shopping” sites such as Elance, which is a freelance project marketplace. Fees are paid by the companies looking for help, and the Elance platform handles all the money transactions. If your business has skilled employees, post them as “team members” so anyone in your company can complete the work.


To maintain objectivity for its "Customer Certified" ratings, Bizrate does not charge stores for evaluation or its listing. Any online store can apply to participate in the free Bizrate Customer Certification Program as long as the store:

  1. sells products/services over the web
  2.  has full online ordering capabilities
  3.  agrees to be independently evaluated by its customers through Bizrate's survey process


Also a paid shopping site (cost per click), Connexity (formerly Shopzilla) can be a good way to get rid of slow-moving inventory because it has no minimum bid requirements. Connexity merchants also have the benefit of Bizrate customer reviews and the site’s high conversion rates.


Amazon’s Marketplace charges a flat monthly fee based on how many products you plan to list. Fulfillment and shipping can be handled by Amazon or you can do it yourself. If you decide to buy Amazon Product Ads, the customer will direct shoppers to your own website for the transaction.  


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