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How to Get Your Office Involved in Spring Cleaning

How to Get Your Office Involved in Spring Cleaning

As the clouds clear and the winter wind starts blowing a little warmer it signals that spring is finally here-along with the ritual of spring cleaning the office. That means it’s time to take up the thankless task of motivating your employees to clear out the clutter that’s built up during the colder months. But it’s worth it: three quarters of workers say a clean office boosts their productivity. So with that goal in mind, these tips should leave your team more engaged and your office a whole lot cleaner.

Talk With Your Employees

The first step is to get your employees more engaged with the task at hand. This means involving them in the goal setting process by communicating the importance of a clean work space and asking for their input on how to go about accomplishing what needs to be done. Just like with any other task, your team will feel more motivated to help out  if you listen to their ideas about what specifically should be done how they should do it.

Cover the Basics

While your employees should contribute their ideas for carrying out spring cleaning as effectively and efficiently as possible, some parts of this task aren’t fluid and must be done no matter what. Those include:

  • Decluttering - Throw away or donate anything you don’t need: trash, old paperwork, items you haven’t touched in a year.
  • Organizing - Divide the office and each desk or cubicle into different areas that help you sort what goes where.
  • Disinfecting - Wipe down each desk area (desk, monitors, keyboard, mouse, phone, arms of chairs) with a disinfecting wipe.
  • Digital cleaning - Clear out your inbox, documents, and organize your computer desktop.

Decide on Cleaning Goals Together

Ask your employees to tidy up their individual workspaces and identify general office cleaning tasks that need attention. Instead of blindly assigning them, try dividing them up and let team members choose ones they’d prefer. (Don’t forget to take on a task or two yourself!) Once you have solid commitments, record and email everyone with a list of who’s doing what. Even though this is a low priority task, give a deadline for when the tasks needs to be done.

Set Goals for Future Upkeep

Brainstorm with your team how you can keep the office clean, whether that’s making a policy of organizing your desk once a week, or implementing systems that create an organized environment. Making cleanliness and organization a part of your culture long-term will help make sure that this goal is kept.

Spring cleaning your office space is definitely a chore, but the benefits to you and your staff are worth it. In addition to increased productivity, a professional, focused atmosphere and positive customer impression also accompany a clean and organized office. So if you’re procrastinating on this task, explain the advantages to your team to get the process started and enjoy all the perks that come with a tidy work space.

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