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Premier Business Centers Acquires Three Centers

Premier Business Centers Acquires Three Centers
Irvine, CA
July 15, 2003

Irvine, California based Premier Business Centers has acquired three executive office centers from Equity Office Properties, Regent Business Centers, and Bear Creek Business Partners on June 30, 2003 for an undisclosed purchase price and executed five year leases at each location. The assets comprise three executive suite centers and its leaseholds located in California and Washington in the cities of Pasadena, San Francisco, and Redmond.

The locations purchased are as follows: 13,047 square feet at 790 East Colorado Boulevard, Ninth Floor, Pasadena, California; 14,297 square feet at 225 Bush Street, Sixteenth Floor, San Francisco, California; and 15,000 square feet at 18300 NE Union Hill Road, Suite 210, Redmond, Washington. The Pasadena location includes 31 offices on the penthouse floor with a law library and mini-suites with balconies. The San Francisco purchase includes 62 offices in a Class A building located prestigiously in the heart of the Financial District. The Redmond location is located near the major Northwest business centers of Washington and includes 65 offices overlooking scenic Bear Creek. Newport Beach, California based Robert Rush of US Realty Group represented Premier Business Centers in negotiating new leases at each location with the each landlord. Premier Business Centers currently operates one of the largest executive suite operations with twenty locations in California, Washington, and Texas. Premier Business Centers plans to make improvements to each center including upgrades in common areas, phone systems, and copying and computer equipment. The company has plans to acquire and develop 50 executive suite centers over the next five years throughout the Western United States.



Released on: 8/29/2013 12:00:00 AM

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