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Premier Business Centers Purchases NetEqualizer

Premier Business Centers Purchases NetEqualizer

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Lafayette, CO
September 20, 2004

APconnections, a supplier of plug-and-play bandwidth shaping products, announced today that Premier Business Centers, one of the leading national operators of executive office centers in the United States, has purchased APconnections’ NetEqualizer Data Shaper network appliance (NetEqualizer) for deployment at high-occupancy executive centers across the western United States. With NetEqualizer, Premier Business Centers can more effectively manage its customer’s bandwidth utilization and assure its customers of quality high-speed Internet access services.

“Customers like Premier Business Centers put NetEqualizer to the test,” said Art Reisman, founder and CEO of APconnections. “With multiple clients per building all sharing a T-1 line, one bandwidth hog could slow the network for several users. With NetEqualizer, Premier Business Centers can be certain that all customer applications get the bandwidth they require—while at the same time reducing the number of T-1 lines needed at each location. Premier Business Centers protects its bottom line, while assuring that customers are satisfied with their connection speeds.”

Premier Business Centers lease office space in class A buildings across the United States and then sublease that space with value-added services, including high-speed Internet access, to professional clients through its executive office centers. Premier Business Center operates over 34 properties in California, Texas and Washington State, with an average of 60 offices per location. The company has deployed the NetEqualizer in nine of its properties.

“Quality, reliable and consistantly fast, high-speed T-1 Internet access is of vital importance to our customers,” said Tino Andaya, Director of IT forat Premier Business Centers. To assure our customers of quality service even during times of peak usage, we installed NetEqualizer. Installation took hours and we haven’t had to touch the box since the initial setup”

About NetEqualizer

NetEqualizer Data Shaper appliances are flexible, scalable and cost-effective bandwidth control products designed for both corporate and service provider networks. They are plug-and-play, allowing network administrators and operators to quickly and easily bring network traffic into balance without having to build and manage extensive policy libraries and with no changes to existing network infrastructure.

NetEqualizer Data Shaper appliances use built-in rules-based, application-level traffic-shaping technology to dynamically control traffic based on current network usage, including traffic levels and application types. When the network is congested, the fairness algorithm favors business class applications, including Web browsing, chat and email, at the expense of large file downloads. This approach allows network administrators and operators to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction without having to purchase additional bandwidth.

Built-in flexibility allows network administrators and operators to change all settings in real-time, with no affect on network service quality. For organizations requiring 100% network uptime, the NetEqualizer can be configured for redundancy, with two NetEqualizer Data Shaper appliances running in parallel.

The NetEqualizer Data Shaper 1000d is rated and tested for up to 1000 users and 15 megabit links.

The NetEqualizer Data Shaper 2000d is rated and tested up to 2000 users and 50 megabit trunk.

About APconnections

AP Connections is a privately-held company founded in July 2003 and based in Lafayette, CO. The company develops cost-effective and easy-to-install and manage traffic shaping appliances based on Linux and Open Source technology. APconnections’ products were developed by network administrators for network administrators. The company’s goal is to provide fully-featured traffic shaping products that are simple to install and easy to use and manage. APconnections released its first commercial offering in July 2003, and since then over 1000 unique customers around the world have put the NetEqualizer family of bandwidth shaping products into service. NetEqualizer products can be found at ISPs, WISPs, major universities, Fortune 500 companies, SOHOs and small businesses on six continents.

About Premier Business Centers

Premier Business Centers (www.pbcenters.com) currently operates the second largest executive suite operation in the United States with thirty-three locations in California, Washington, and Texas. Premier Business Centers provides businesses with professionally staffed office space on a full or part time basis. Premier’s lease terms are flexible allowing customers to rent by the hour, day, month or year. All of the services that a business needs are available at each of their office centers including: administrative/secretarial service, T1 high speed internet access, telephone service, furniture, information technology services/consulting and conference rooms. The company has plans to acquire and develop a total of 50 executive suite centers over the next few years throughout the Western United States.

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VP Marketing & Business Development
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